Spiral Plating


Anoxomat® III

The Anoxomat anaerobic jar system ensures repeatable anaerobic and microaerophilic environments and robust quality of growth, allowing testing facilities to realize cost savings, increased productivity and improved workflow.

Cooled BOD Incubator

•fixed value and programmable temperature control over 4-65°C
•3D air-circulation system ensure fast response and good temperature uniformity
•Intuitive TFT touch screen control panel, easy to operate
•Double-fold glass window and inner glass door ensure visibility of inner chamber
•Fluorescent light, 50mm access port, built-in printer as standard
•3 steps adjustable fan speed, offering more precisely controlled environment of incubations, without concerns of media or samples drying out

Directing Heating Incubator

•Direct heating optimizes temperature uniformity over ambient+5-65°C
•PID microprocessor ensures precise temperature control with minimum fluctuations
•Inner glass door provides complete visibility of the chamber during operation
•LCD display, over temperature alarm and non-volatile memory

Orbital Horizontal Shaking Incubator

Premium Single Stack Orbital Shaking Incubator

•Full temperature control with cooling for 4-60ºC operation
•Orbital movement with shaking diameter of 1-50mm stepless adjustable
•Fold-down front door and sliding tray designed for easy operation
•UV light reduces the air burden, keeping the chamber contamination free.


With precise temperature control, this is used for termophile culture, the experiment of ferment catalyst, microbe/plant cell culture and extraction.