Nichipet AIR

By reducing the weight of the main body and stroke load,
Reduces fatigue and stress caused by long hours of work.
Achieved the world's highest level of accuracy and reproducibility,
The latest model in the Nichipet series.

Nichipet Premium LT

Nichipet Premium LT "Don't get tired" is a new evolution. Introducing the lightweight model LT for Nichipet Premium.

Nichipet Premium

Unbreakable "innovative robust body"

Nichipet EXII PlusII

Nichipet series organic solvent compatible model with excellent chemical resistance to solvents. Evolved version of

Nichipet EXII

Nichipet series basic model that enables autoclave sterilization and UV sterilization of the entire body. Evolved version of


Introducing a new multi-channel pipette for Nichipet EXII. The body weight is up to 30% lighter than conventional products. Reduces fatigue caused by pipetting.