CO2 Incubators


CO2 Incubators with hot air sterilization

The CB-S series of incubators are rugged and low-priced, suitable for routine cell culture applications in cell production, especially in the academic field. It is sterilized by dry heat at 180 °C, pollution-free, and with the drift-free infrared carbon dioxide real-time measurement, the pH value remains reliable and stable.

GelJacket Co2 Incubator

Caron's Wally family is the the first clean-slate approach to CO2 incubators. Revolutionary slim profile design saves valuable floor space, and guarantees that all internal volume is usable space. Assured culture quality with ISO5 air filtration, and available 2 hour dry H2O2 chamber sterilization. The choice of either patented GelJacket thermal protection, with the heat retention after power loss of a water jacket, but with none of the maintenance hassles, or proven direct heat thermal management. Wally is uniquely easy to use, with hands-free door opening, and a big bright touchscreen display with intuitive breadcrumb navigation.

REACH-IN Co2 Incubator

Caron's CO2 incubators are available in a wide range of sizes, all of which share something in common: they're uniquely different and better than competing products. From the revolutionary array of space efficiency and culture quality improvements in the Wally stackable, to the easy-install design and easy-clean interior of the reach-in line, Caron specializes in offering valuable benefits that you can't find anywhere else.

Direct Heating CO2 Incubator

•150L usable volume, 3 shelves included, maximum 6
•High temperature uniformity thanks to direct heating & air jacket structure
•World class IR CO2 sensor ensures drift-free measurement
•Seamless chamber with coved corners makes cleaning the chamber simple
•Outdoor locker, gas tight inner glass door, door hinged right or left
•self-diagnostic alarm systems ensures safety of your samples at all times

CO2 Incubator NB-203

This incubator is ideal for experiments involving cultivation of animal, cells, sperm/ovum, anaerobic cells, all types of microbe cells, hatching/germinating and special tissues.