Vapor Phase Cryogenic Freezer

CryoMatrix Series Biobank tanks provide users with a fully automatic, safe and reliable cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage system. The sample can be stored either in liquid phase or vapor phase. Microcomputer touch control system CryMonitor 3000 provides convenience and security. Cryomatrix series introduced advanced technology and perfect vacuum thermal insulation technology to assure thesafety of the barrier-free sample storage and good properties uniform temperature and characteristics of the minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen. Even if it is vapor phase, the inside tank top can be below -180℃.

With Temp & Liquid Level Monitor

CryoSmart Series liquid nitrogen container realizes real-time temperature and liquid level monitoring, remote monitoring, alarming and automatic backup the monitoring data in cold cloud platform. CryoSmart Series combine with the advanced manufacturing technology and intelligent monitoring technology to meet unique requirements of professional customers all over the world.

CryoSmart Series containers provide high efficiency of large capacity sample cryopreservation with light weight and small space occupying. It monitors the real time status of containers and notifies users once any issue occur ensuring stable running and samples storage security. Mainly apply to medical field and samples bank users who has demand for high-end liquid nitrogen containers.

CryoSmart Series completely solved the technological difficulties of electronics information technology and low power consumption technology in -190℃ low temperature application.

CryoMaster Series, with Racks & Boxes

CryoMaster Series liquid nitrogen containers combine with the advantages of low liquid nitrogen consumption and medium range storage capacity to meet unique requirements of professional customers all over the world.

CryoMaster Series containers provide high efficiency of large capacity sample cryopreservation with light weight and small space occupying. The racks and lockable lids are standard to assure the safety of samples. Mainly apply to medical field/bio-bank/laboratory field.

CryoMajor Series, with Canisters

CryoMajor Series liquid nitrogen containers are economical small and medium size liquid nitrogen containers for long term static state storage. CryoMajor Series include two types, large capacity and long shelf life. CryoMajor Series are made of high strength and light-weight aluminum alloy. There is multilayer superior performance thermal insulation inside.
Various accessories are optional.
Mainly apply to animal husbandry and laboratories.

CryoCarrier Series, Dry-shipper

CryoCarrier series is dry shipper containers. It is designed for biology, livestock breeding, research andmedical fields and enables the biological samples, straws, cryovials or blood bags to transport below-150℃ environment.

There is liquid nitrogen absorbent materials placed in the inner tank, which avoids the risk of outflow of liquid nitrogen.

The CryoCarrier dry shipper meets the IATA and protect your valuable samples in safe conditions for both users and transporters during transportation.

LN2 Storage Container

CryoTrans series Liquid nitrogen storage Container is designed for storage and short-distance transportation of small amount of liquid nitrogen. It is equipped with rubber protection rings and prefixed bottom pad for safety. Stainless steel roller base is optional for convenient transportation.

CryoTrans series is widely used in animal husbandry and laboratories.

LN2 Supply Tank

CryoCenter Series liquid nitrogen tanks/container are the latest high performance cryogenic liquid phase storage container which mainly used for liquid nitrogen storage in central laboratories. It introduces low amount of liquid vaporization to generate pressure, providing pressure for the tank to discharge liquid, thereby supply liquid nitrogen for other containers.
Stainless wheel construction ensures them to be used in most rigorous environment for long time. Compared with traditional welded insulated cylinder, it largely reduces liquid nitrogen evaporation loss.

The CryoCenter Series tanks include pressure raising valve, drip valve, drain valve and manometer.
The CryoCenter 200 and above tanks equip with rupture disk and muffler to provide customers with goods user’sexperience. In addition, CryoCenter Series tanks equip with four robust castor for easy use and move to different area.
Mainly apply to laboratory and chemical enterprises in need of storing and supplying liquid nitrogen automatically.