Autoclavable Bottle-top Dispenser

Pipette Mate NEO

Repetitive Pipette Peggy

Volume setting dial, variable angle nozzle ...
Manual continuous dispenser full of convenient functions.

Professional Dispenser

Ripette® pro is ergonomically the best choice by offering a high flexibility and handy features. It is furthermore designed and constructed for mechanical dispensing of highly precise dosage volumes systematically. Due to its mechanical construction, the Ripette® pro becomes low maintenance and requires no additional resources such as a power supply for charging batteries.

The Ripette® pro is optimized for dispensing of contaminated fluids and volatile liquids. Using Ritips® evolution and other compatible, the Ripette® pro is reliably protected against contamination by aerosols ascending from the tip. Also on a long-term it can be securely used even with highly fluid samples.

The Ripette® pro offers a very wide choice of dosing volumes, allowing quick tip changes between 12 tip sizes. By using the 10-stages adjustment ring, up to 120 different program steps can be chosen in order to dispense volumes from 1 μl up to 5,500 μl.

The ergonomic shape ensures a user-friendly and easy operation. The low weight (87 g) combined with a dispensing buttom located on top of the device allow a fast and easy dispensing even of long series.

Lightweight Dispenser