Lab Glassware Washers Vantage

Purifier Axiom Class II Type C1

The first BSC with the flexibility to convert from A2 to B2 mode. Simple to use, with unmatched chemical safety.

Nano Biosafety Cabinet

1. NanoSafe, Inc. approved fine particle content testing certification
2. With ULPA Filter
3. The screen shows the air speed
4. Bag-in/Bag-out Filter replacement system
5. Full negative pressure channel covered positive pressure air propeller
6. Aerodynamic Clean-Sweep Air Foil design
7. Dilution Air Supply, with upper air inlet, to take away the pollution source near the partition
8. Can be installed ionizer (ionization neutralization system) to reduce particle residue

Laminar Flow

Purifier Horizontal Clean Bench

Protector Lab Fume Hoods

Precise Glove Boxes

PuriCare Open Access Station

Filtered Glove Box