BINDER ultra-low temperature refrigerators can ensure long-term safe storage of samples at -90 °C. It is not only very environmentally friendly, but also combines low energy consumption, easy operation and personalized safety solutions.

CO2 Incubators with hot air sterilization

The CB-S series of incubators are rugged and low-priced, suitable for routine cell culture applications in cell production, especially in the academic field. It is sterilized by dry heat at 180 °C, pollution-free, and with the drift-free infrared carbon dioxide real-time measurement, the pH value remains reliable and stable.

CO2 Incubators

The powerful and versatile CB carbon dioxide incubator is suitable for cell-based analysis in pharmaceutical and medical research. Even in complex culture methods or individualized growth environments under hypoxic conditions, the BINDER incubator can easily handle it with its wide range of options and accessories.