• Explosion-Proof Freezer
  • Explosion-Proof Freezer

Explosion-Proof Freezer

Model : EP-570

1.The products can be used in a Class 1 hazardous zone and a Class 2 hazardous zone among hazardous zones.

2.There are no parts, producing any electric sparks, inside of products and also in the compressor compartment. Thus, flammable materials can be stored.

3.The refrigeration cycle is “Pressurized Apparatus”(f) and the control circuit has “Flame-proof Enclosure”(d).

4.A digital temperature controller and non-Freon refrigerant are employed in EP-570.

5.Temperature alarm and voltage free contact for remote alarm are standard.

6. Equipped with casters and adjustable bolts, making it convenient for relocation and installation.



Test number

No. TC20841

Explosion-proof performance


Temperature range


Capacity (L)


External Dimensions (mm)

W850 X D(900+120) X H1890

Internal Dimensions (mm)

W710 X D680 X H1200

External Material

Stainless steel (SUS-430)

Internal Material

Stainless steel (SUS-304)

Weight (Kg)


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