• PCR Laminar Flow

PCR Laminar Flow

PCR Laminar Flow | BIOWAY

1. Nominal downflow velocity of 45-65 fpm

2. Aerodynamic air foil

3. Supply HEPA filter, 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron

4. ISO Class 5 air (formerly Class 100 per Federal Standard 209E)

5. Disposable prefilter

6. Variable speed built-in blower with motorized impeller and solid state control rated for 10 amps

7. Intrinsically-sound, negative pressure design

8. Air diffuser

9. UV-resistant, glacier white and gray, powder-coated aluminum and steel construction

10. UV-opaque and resistant 1/4" thick tempered safety glass sash and sides

11. Fluorescent lamp

12. 254 nm UV lamp with interlocked UV protection panel

13. Variable digital timer for UV exposure with eight settings in minutes of 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240 and continuous

14. Blower and 3-way light (flourescent, UV and off) switches

15. 9.4" high sash opening

16. Ergonomic 10° angled and hinged sash that pivots upward, locks to a loading height of 20" and has wiping seals to promote ISO Class 5 conditions

17. Two utility ports with iris openings and plugs

PCR Laminar Flow | BIOWAY-1

PCR Laminar Flow | BIOWAY-2

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