Nichiryo New Nichipet AIR

Japanese TV Station《Nemesis 涅墨西斯》 There are pipettes with Nichipet AIR in the laboratory Now come to inquire and there is a special price 昨日で日テレ系・日曜ドラマ『ネメシス@nemesis_ntv_ 』が最終回でしたね

New Nichipet AIR offer

New Nichipet AIR offer | BIOWAY By reducing the weight and pressing load of the main body, fatigue and stress caused by long working hours are reduced. Reaching the world's highest level of accuracy and reproducibility, the latest product in the Nichipet series. Welcome to call us!

Lab Equipment Replacement

Lab Equipment Replacement | BIOWAY Look over~Look over~The trade-in event has started The world's first pink series, and white options, five-year warranty model now only 5700NT~ Recommended by Japanese Professor~