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New COVID-19 Vaccine Low Temperature Freezer

As the demand for vaccines increases, the Japanese government has also ordered -75°C low-temperature freezers with Nihon Freezer and deployed 10,000 units across Japan. Nihon Freezer will conduct maintenance and inspections for each refrigerator before shipment. So that the temperature range of -75°C can be maintained stably. We will continue to make thorough and rapid preparations for vaccination. ワクチン保管用のマイナス75℃の冷凍庫の全国1万台の配備に向けて、...

The world's first dual-system freezer

The world's first dual-system freezer | BIOWAY ultra-low temperature freezer solution Are you still troubled by traditional freezer due to power consumption, global warming, and malfunctions? Can't find your ideal ultra-low temperature freezer? BIOWAY CORPORATION is the agent of Nihon Freezer in Japan. It has an exclusive single system that can cool down to -80℃. From ultra-low temperature dual-system, explosion-proof refrigerators, drug store refrigerators to ultra-low te...

AFI Centrifuge Taiwan Distributor

AFI Centrifuge Taiwan Distributor | BIOWAY The centrifuge designed and manufactured by AFI France is located in Château-Gontier, France. Its design is designed to meet the needs of clinical analysis and biomedical research laboratories. The AFI centrifuge series covers different clinical, industrial and research markets. experience!