ISA Centrifuge

ISA will be indispensable for your daily laboratory tasks in small offices and hospitals. Up to 40 5/7mL tubes can be centrifuged in dedicated applications.

It is ideal for clinical chemistry but will also find its place in research laboratories with its range of angle rotors. 2ml, 15mL, 50mL, 85mL, no tube can resist it.

LISA Multifunction Centrifuge Refrigerated

French product design with their AFI style. You won’t be able to not recognize them Pretty make the difference.

Very compact (96 tubes 5-7 mL). Monobloc design makes centrifuges very compact and will help you save space in your laboratory.

SIRENA Multilab Centrifuge

Only SIRENA, with its offbeat look, its extraordinary display contrast and its touch screen, will be able to transport you to the future. To infinity and beyond!

Only SIRENA, by its blue OK, will confirm that your sample is under control: cold, speed, are respected. Only SIRENA by its green or red circles will tell you whether the cycle is running smoothly or not. You will be notified at more than 7 meters.

Only SIRENA with its intuitive flashing symbols will detect the failure and show you the solution.

LOREENA Blood Bank Centrifuge

With its large capacity (200 tubes 5/7mL) and high speeds, LOREENA brings you remarkable qualities for the routine processing of your samples. Safe, simple and comfortable operation on a daily basis.

Blood bank application, start with your Loreena. Thanks to the RX 750 and the oval studied buckets, you can centrifuge 8 blood bags of 450 mL. A perfect separation of plasma,buffy coat and red cells.

LOREENA is also equipped with the ClickSpin flexibility system. It allows you to change applications without using tools.

Centrifuge KATRINA

KATRINA benefits from the experience of AFI, it will easily and safely replace your old centrifuges. Katrina meets all your validated protocols to centrifuge large samples.

The «IDEM» application coupled with PFC (Power Factor Control) technology ensures a reproducibility of your cycles making KATRINA an ideal centrifuge for large processing productivity